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45seconds2 impact SQ App - SaaS Web App Services - Enterprise Cloud Servers - Web Site Design - Logo Design - Voice Overs - Audio - Video Business Promotion Ads - Podcast Production - Editing and Promotion - Digital Item - Sales - SaaS (BoldGrid - WHMCS) - Web Design - Web Hosting - Web Management - Smart Contract Development- DApps Development- Blockchain Devlopment- Cryptocurrency Gateway Payment Development- Custom ERC20 Token Development - BaaS - EthaaS - XRPaaS - Full Stack Blockchain Development - Hyperledger Development - Supply Chain Blockchain Develolpment

The Start

When Elson Smith, son of the owners, COB Guy Smith Senior, his son CEO Guy Smith Jr, in Hampton Rhodes with 450 employees presented a tool, an app, but so much more, to the General Manager of the Service Department Ken Smith. This was the start of a whole new company.

SaaS - The Whole Story

Let's go back a to the 5w's; where, who, when, why, what and the results.

The Where - Guy Smith HVAC.
The Who - Elson Smith | Co-Founder, President & CEO | DO | VP CSM Div
The When - May, 2010, Elson had a project for his Six Sigma Green Belt.
The Why - The project was to improve the roi on overall time, performance, customer experience and product sales in the service tech, sales and marketing team divisions.
The What - Elson systematically and analytically designed a data base driven shtml phone app, he tested the app using 4 shy service techs, not known for utilizing a sales process and 4 direct sales agents with lower average sales totals. Elson ran live A/B testing using the techs and sales agents in the field with live contacts for 90 days.

The Results - After only 90 days the techs and agents were amazed, actually happy and closure ratios had risen over 20%. The time the app saved was a huge plus taking only 45 seconds using the app compaired to 25 minutes not using the app. Customer feedback showed that the customers loved the app and praised the quick and painless system stating that they felt instant trust knowing that the pricing was not manipulated by the service techs.

This would save thousands of dollars anually in manpower hours. The app was a game changer, a great roi generator and it and proved using the app even timid service tech and sale agent could quickly generate sale and look confident, no guess work, less mistakes and more confidence in the company.

On August 13, 2010 all results and analysis was in and Elson knew the sales, marketing, service, and customer success departments would all be enhanced and that the app would become a great SaaS tool for growing ARR. Elson conferred with the Service Manager, his brother Ken Smith and presented the data. Together they called a meeting with the CEO, GM, Senior PM, and the Senior Sales Manager to present the data, the members were on board and a name for the app Elson had developed was voted on. It was agreed the name would be the, "45 seconds 2 impact App".

The 45 seconds 2 impact app was unofficially set into motion for use by all departments dealing in any form of sales.

The Proposal

In May 2011, after one year of successful market testing with great results, Elson Smith proposed to the CEO, Guy Smith Jr, VP OP, BJ Smith and to the Board, the formation of an SaaS Tech company called 452 Impact, LLC. The CEO, VP, Board, Elson and Ken Smith all agreed that the value so far based on the 12 months of testing and the fact over 100 companies had already expressed interest in paying for the app as a service for a license fee or a monthly subscription fee that a SaaS department be set up. Elson was named Director, one more hat on his head.

It was official, and 452 Impact, LLC company was set up on May 18, 2011. Both companies were located in the same building, still as a divison of Guy Smith, Inc. COB, Guy Smith Senior and VP OP, BJ Smith co-managing 452 Impact with Elson Smith, and CEO, Guy Smith JR and Ken Smith continue co-managing at Guy Smith HVAC.

Tragedy in 3's Strike Home

On June 10, 2014, COB, Guy Smith Senior passes away, December 12, 2016 the VP & Director of Operations, BJ Smith unexpectedly passed away. January 14, 2018 the CEO, Guy Smith Jr stepped down as CEO claiming to health problems and grief; Guy Smith Jr sadly passed away one months later on Febuary 14, 2018 due to a sudden heart attack. We all know how much covid has touched the lives of many families and our prayers are with them. Keep the Faith.

The Quick Change

April, 2018 452 Impact, LLC becomes 452 Impact, Inc and reloacted it's HQ to Portland, ME. It was made official that 452 Impact, Inc is a 100% employee owned company and all full time employees will have voting rights.

Senior management; Elson and Ken Smith will continue running operations at 452 Impact in the structure of a LLC at the bequest of Guy Smith and the Guy Smith, Inc division was officially sold, all profits from the sale will go to a charity that Guy Smith Jr privately bequest. Elson took over as COB, VP of Customer Success | Director of B2b Relations & SaaS PM and Ken took over as the Director Opperations | VP of SaaS B&D | Director of Sales & Marketing.

452 Impact has over 2000 companies in five states using the 452isq-app, and have added a two Enterprise Cloud Server divisions, some small to midsize business hosting services divisions, a Smart Contract / Blockchain dapp division, and web/logo design services division, NicheOasis and OasisThemes.


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Custom Services

1 - Production Services
Audio - Video:

Audio - Video Services prices start at $500 hour, 10 hour min

Whiteboard - Animated Explainers - Video Editing - Video Ads - Intros & Outros - Lyric & Music Videos - E-Commerce Product Videos - Corporate Videos - Crowdfunding Videos - Video Templates Editing - Professional Voice overs - Mixing & Mastering - Producers & Composers - Podcast Editing - Audiobook Production - Audio Ads Production - Dialogue Editing - Ad Script writing and production.

2 - YouTube Art Design

YouTube services include:
Video editing, sound editing, custom music video with no-copyright/copyright free music, custom audio visualizers, custom cover art, Youtube channel setup, monetization assistance services.

Custom YouTube Video - Cover Art

Custom YouTube Video - Cover - Banner Art

Visit a recent YouTube Channel - SurvivalDaz Chill Music Lounge

3 - Logo Design:

Customer Logo Design pricing starts at $2000 hour, 5 hour min

4 - Speciality Development Services
SaaS Based - Custom:

App development prices depend on job - $200 hour 10 hour min

NFT - NFT minting - Digital Item - Sales - SaaS (BoldGrid - WHMCS) - Web Design - Web Hosting - Web Management - Smart Contract Development- DApps Development- Blockchain Devlopment- Cryptocurrency Gateway Payment Development- Custom ERC20 Token Development - BaaS - EthaaS - XRPaaS - Full Stack Blockchain Development - Hyperledger Development - Supply Chain Blockchain Develolpment.

5 - Subscription Based Services
Enterprize Hosted Server Services:

For pricing call us for a quote 800.452.9639

SaaS Custom WHMCS Integration - Custom Mobile Development - Domain Registration - Custom Web Design Development - Custom SEO Services - Web Marketing - Cloud Servers / Enterprise Dedicated Server Hosting - Custom Blockchain Hosting Services.

*These Duo Servers Web services are performed by our
US & European Hosting Services Reseller Divisions:
(US/ES) Cloud VPS/Dedicated Servers -
(US/UK/AU) Shared Hosting / OpenVZ VPS





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452 Impact currently has 100+ employees
spread over 25 states, Canada and the UK.

Officers | Directors

Elson Smith | Founder, President & CEO | DO | VP of Cust Success - SaaS
Ken Smith | Co-founder, VP | VP of S & M - SaaS - Custom Services
Marge Marie |AST DO | Director of Production Services Audio - Video
Sonny Smith | VP of Speciality Developpment - Director of Logo Designbr> Rose Mitts | (S&M)
Lei King | YouTube Services
Pat O'dell | Director of Subscription Based Services
David Jenson | Director of Public Relations - Mission Management
Chuck Samson | Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Department Managers

Larry Jenkins | Manager of Customer Service Dept | Senior Manager of S & M
Cindy Davis | Manager of Social Media Marketing Dept
Charles Matthews | UK Business & Developent Liaison
Steven Edwards | CA Business & Development Liaison
Tina Spencer| HR Manager
Barbra Nash | HR Manager

Team Leaders

Jacob Bradley | (SCSM)
Mary Collins | (CSM
Joy Daniels | (SSM)
Pete Holland | (JSM)

Software Development & QA Team

Lee Yang | Development Manager
Tim Brian | Project Manager
Kim Young | Dev & QA


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452 Mission Statement Mission Statement

452 Impact Inc Web Services Purpose

452 Impact Inc Services Purpose

AT 452 Impact, Inc P.U.R.P.O.S.E. is our value system.

  • Sets the Standards of Conduct.
  • Keeps us from drifting away from our values.
  • Is a filter to process our decisions through.
  • Helps moral principles without sacrificing others.
  • Helps us to hold ourselves accountable.
  • Reminds us to always be compassionate.
  • Helps us not to ignore how we handle problems.

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