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Where and When

Picture this: the vibrant vibes of Los Angeles, California, the year 2000. U2's "Beautiful Day" echoing in the background, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey.

Who and Why

Enter Elson Smith, the visionary behind Just-n-time-Web-Design, transforming it into the dynamic realm of WebHostingOasis. It was more than web design; it was a leap into uncharted hosting territories.


In 2002, the expansion began—dedicated servers, VPS, small business shared web hosting, and bespoke logo designs.


SEO services took center stage, catering to the algorithms of Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo.


The design department ventured into the realm of YouTube art and video editing.


Podcast editing and production added a new rhythm to the tune.

2011 - Time to Organize

452 Impact emerged, turning WebHostingOasis into the first official DBA.


Cue OasisThemes, the creative powerhouse overseeing design, podcasting, video editing, and production services.


Enter PodcastEditingOasis.com, a DBA seizing the reins of production, podcasting, and video editing from OasisThemes' design dominion.


The sega continues!

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452 Services452 Services

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Custom Services

1 - Production Services
Audio - Video:

Audio - Video Services prices start at $500 hour, 10 hour min

Whiteboard - Animated Explainers - Video Editing - Video Ads - Intros & Outros - Lyric & Music Videos - E-Commerce Product Videos - Corporate Videos - Crowdfunding Videos - Video Templates Editing - Professional Voice overs - Mixing & Mastering - Producers & Composers - Podcast Editing - Audiobook Production - Audio Ads Production - Dialogue Editing - Ad Script writing and production.

2 - YouTube Art Design:

Prices start at $200 hour, 5 hour min
Video editing, sound editing, custom music video with no-copyright/copyright free music, custom audio visualizers, custom cover art, Youtube channel setup, monetization assistance services.

Custom YouTube Video - Cover Art

Custom YouTube Video - Cover - Banner Art

3 - Logo Design:

Customer Logo Design pricing starts at $100 hour, 5 hour min

4 - Speciality Development Services
SaaS Based - Custom:

App development prices depend on job - $200 hour 10 hour min

NFT - NFT minting - Digital Item - Sales - SaaS (BoldGrid - WHMCS) - Web Design - Web Hosting - Web Management - Smart Contract Development- DApps Development- Blockchain Devlopment- Cryptocurrency Gateway Payment Development- Custom ERC20 Token Development - BaaS - EthaaS - XRPaaS - Full Stack Blockchain Development - Hyperledger Development - Supply Chain Blockchain Develolpment.

5 - Subscription Based Services
Enterprize Hosted Server Services:

For pricing call us for a quote 800.452.9639

SaaS Custom WHMCS Integration - Custom Mobile Development - Domain Registration - Custom Web Design Development - Custom SEO Services - Web Marketing - Cloud Servers / Enterprise Dedicated Server Hosting - Custom Blockchain Hosting Services.

*These Duo Servers Web services are performed by our
US & European Hosting Services Reseller Divisions:
(US/ES) Cloud VPS/Dedicated Servers -
(US/UK/AU) Shared Hosting / OpenVZ VPS





We Are Just A Click Away

452 Impact, Inc and it's dba's have over 100 in-house and
remote employees spread over USA, Canada and UK.

All Officers Answer To The UK Elected "BOD"

Officers | Directors

UK Officers
W. C. Rowling | CEO
E. Greene | VPops
C. F. Dean | Sr. DOps
P. O'dell | Dir. Sub. Svcs
S. Mountbatten | Dir. Prod. Svcs Audio | Video
C. Patrick | Dir. Logo Design

USA Officers
K. Wayne | OM
M. Marie | ADOps
D. Smith | VP Spec. Dev.
E. Smith | DSO
L. King | Dir. YouTube Svcs
D. Jenson | Dir. PR | Mission Management

CA Officers
R. Mitts | DSM
C. Samson | Dir. D&I
M. Hall | Dir. Prod. Svcs Audio | Video

Department Managers

J. Fleming | UK HR Manager
B. Nash | US HR Manager
P. Daniels | CA aHR Manager
L. Jenkins | UK Sr. CSD Manager
C. Davis | USA SMM Managerr
C. Matthews | UK B&D Liaison
S. Edwards | USA B&D Liaison
M. Stevens | CA B&D Liaison

Team Leaders

J. Bradley | SCSM
M. Collins | CSM
J. Daniels | Sr. SM
P. Holland | Jr. SM

Software Development & QA Team

L. Yang | Sr. Dev Manager
T. Brian |Dev Manager
K. Young | Dev & QA


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452 Mission Statement Mission Statement

452 Impact Inc Web Services Purpose

452 Impact Inc Services Purpose

What P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Stands For At 452 Impact, Inc.

  • Passion - We are driven, motivated, and energetic.
  • Undeniable - We are distinctive, have uniqueness, and have confidence.
  • Responsible -We always take ownership of the results of all or actions or inactions.
  • Professional - We deliver guidance on services in the best interest of the team, clients, and company.
  • Opportunity - We act in all circumstances that will assist others to grow professionally and personally.
  • Service - We see the big picture and how it's like cultivating a garden. It's long-term and takes sacrifice.
  • Ethical - We represent ourselves in a manner as to never bring any questions concerning actions or decisions.

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